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This special volume, published in conjunction with a 2010 exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art, was intended to commemorate the end of Polaroid film. In addition to showing Polaroids from a wide range of Japanese photographers, "126 Polaroid" includes four essays (translated into English) reflecting on the format. -extract from AKAAKA's website-
Published: AKAAKA Art Publishing Inc. 2010
160 pages
ISBN: 9784903545622
Printed in Japan

『126 Polaroid -さよならからの出会い-』

東京、京都、大阪へとタイトルを変えながら続いて来たこの展覧会はフィルムの再生産という知らせと共に、横浜美術館で新たなスタートを切った ―「126 POLAROID -さよならからの出会い-」展。写真家、美術家、研究者、学生、総勢126人の図録。(赤々舎から抜粋)

出版社: 赤々舎 2010
160 ページ / 並製本
126 Polaroids 
-Encounter from Good-Bye-
Right Page: Shiori Kawasaki It's Going to be a Good Night  「今日は良い夜になりそうだ」
Photographs of a Japanese punk rock band STANCE PUNKS by following their "The World is Mine" tour in spring 2010. This self-published zine is just a little peek of their journey...

2010年春に日本のパンクバンド、STANCE PUNKSのレコ発ツアー"The World is Mine"を追って撮影した写真で作った自費制作ジン。結成14年目を迎える彼らの果てしなく続く旅のほんの一瞬の出来事を記録したものです。

Available at bookdummypress

Published: 2010
9 X 6 inches,Color, 27 pages
Edition: First Edition  /100
GIVEN FLOWERS, an ongoing series from my blog Draft of Ideas, are pictures that give me light and inspiration to my daily life. I made this book to share and express my respect to the artists who saw these beautiful moments. 
この本は弊ブログDraft of Ideasで連載中のシリーズ"GIVEN FLOWERS"をまとめたもの。日々生活する中でふと立ち止まらせてくれ、インスピレーションをくれるアーティスト達の写真を集め、バーチャルなブログからフィジカルな本を作りました。
Published: bookdummypress, New York, 2012
Curated and Designed by Shiori Kawasaki
6 X 9 inches, 14 plates
B&W and Color

not for sale, only by given.
© Shiori Kawasaki 2012 right page: Shiori Kawasaki Washi & Wahon 
This is a catalog of Washi & Wahon, which consists of two short documentaries set in two regions of Japan: Yame, Fukuoka prefecture in southern Japan and Jimboucho in Tokyo, where is known as the mecca for books. In two separate stories, Washi & Wahon explores the tradition of Washi (Japanese hand made paper) and the history of Wahon (Japanese-bound books) as the source of Japanese book culture.
Documentaries were screened at the library of the International Center of Photography on September 21th, 2012.
You can watch them from the link below:
Published: bookdummypress, NY, 2012  18x24in, Color, offset printing
また、この二本の短編ドキュメンタリーはNYのInternational Center of Photography(国際写真センター)の図書館で2012年9月21日に試写会が行われました。ご覧になりたい方は上記のリンクからどうぞ。